Anarcho-Primitivism, Clero-Faschism and Anti NATO Government Policy in


As we have already reported, through violent and illegal actions, a large part of the territory of
Montenegro was transferred to the ownership of an institution from another state (Serbian
Church); the national airline was destroyed; a humanitarian crisis has been caused by the large
number of victims of the corona pandemic and irresponsible health policy; the country's security
structures have been destroyed. In addition to the state of general hopelessness and the absence
of a strategy in the conditions of the crisis, the ruling tripartite pact gave priority to ideological and
national extermination of everything that has the character of Montenegrin national habitus,
multi-confessional and interethnic harmony and anti-fascist tradition.
Time is a bad ally of Montenegro. The longer the current situation lasts, the more severe and
destructive the consequences will be. Indications that the government, due to its incompetence,
will defend its survival by making concessions to the coalition of Serbian parties controlled by
Belgrade, provoke protest (demonstration) of all those whose ideal was an independent, civil
Montenegro as part of the Euro-Atlantic world and values.
Recent statements by top government officials denying the Srebrenica genocide, the relativization
of Serb crimes across the region, the unpunished omissions of the head of the National Security
Agency (leaking confidential NATO information), the appointment of controversial security
personnel are the main concerns of Montenegrin citizens who supported NATO integration. Having
in mind the above, that is, that the political elite uses force and violates the law, we have every
reason to warn NATO partners of the danger we face.

Legal violence and ethnic engineering

Like any populist and violent government, this government uses undemocratic means, usurps
power by passing undemocratic and usurping laws, introducing incompetent party cadres into all
institutions of the system, and instilling fear in dismissals, threats, criminal charges, investigations
and arrests. Now the society is in a state of legal uncertainty and a deficit of professional and
independent decision-making in state institutions in charge of administering justice and coercion.

  1. Amendments to prosecutorial laws: Leaders of the parliamentary majority in Montenegro
    reached an agreement on amendments to prosecutorial laws, by urgent procedure, without public
    debate, despite the negative opinion of the Venice Commission. However, such a proposal to amend prosecutorial laws met with harsh criticism from the international community, after which
  2. it was withdrawn from the procedure.
  3. Dissatisfied with the fact that the Government and part of the deputies, with whom they form the
  4. parliamentary majority, gave up on changing the prosecutorial laws, the Democratic Front (DF)
  5. threatened to block the government's proposals in the parliament. The DF is the largest member
  6. of the parliamentary majority that voted for the government of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic
  7. on December 4, and the main initiator of the change in prosecutorial laws.
  8. The delay came after several warnings from the European Union (EU) expressed reservations
  9. about the intention of the new parliamentary majority to reach staffing decisions in the
  10. prosecutor's office by adopting a law on the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime and
  11. Corruption and thus repealing the current Law on the state prosecutor's office from a few years
  12. ago, which is in line with European standards.
  13. “The EP calls on the Montenegrin government to consistently consult with its European partners
  14. before amending key laws, as these changes should be made with the support of the EC and the
  15. VC (Venise Commission). This also applies to the proposed amendments to the Law on Prosecution
  16. and the law on the establishment of a special prosecutor's office for organized crime “, the report
  17. of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the EP states.
  • We must note that the situation was completely identical with the amendments to the Law on
    Freedom of Religion. The previous law was harmonized with the European standards and
    suggestions of the Venice Commission, in consultation with all religious communities in
    Montenegro. The procedure for adopting the amendments was carried out by urgent procedure,
    completely unconstitutional, illegal, without consultations with the Venice Commission, without
    a public debate, with drastic violations of international law and the European Convention on
    Civil and Political Rights. We remind you that the mentioned law on religious freedoms was the
    reason for protest processions organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as the overall
    election campaign before the parliamentary elections on August 30, so we point to the fact that
    changes to this law were the first obligation of the new majority towards political mentors in
    Belgrade and Moscow.
    The overall political environment, value system, foreign policy and security are threatened by
    discriminatory and anti-European changes to this law, and the reaction of the EU and the
    international community has been completely absent, despite numerous and continuous
    warnings of legal violence, open discrimination and violations of all domestic and international
    legal norms. (our organization has repeatedly addressed relevant addresses on this occasion)
  1. Law on Registers of Residence and Stay: The logical continuation of the implementation of the
    “Serbian World” project is the announcement of the adoption of the Law on Registers of
    Residence and Stay. The Ministry of the Interior, as the proposer of the law, clearly states in its
    explanation that this act is a part of the network of election regulations and that it will regulate
    the voter list.
    This law is part of the election regulations and as such should not be changed without consensus,
    ie a qualified majority within the political class. In this way, the Montenegrin government denies some citizens the right to vote guaranteed by the constitution, which, as one of the basic rights
  2. and freedoms, is guaranteed to Montenegrin citizens as the original bearer of sovereignty by the
  3. constitution, acts of international law, international conventions and treaties. This document
  4. seeks to exclude from the political life of Montenegro its citizens on temporary work in Western
  5. countries, although almost all have only Montenegrin citizenship and have the right to vote only in
  6. Montenegro. Once again, decision-makers representing all citizens of Montenegro did not show
  7. the necessary sensibility, but by announcing the deletion of the diaspora from the register of
  8. residence, they seriously worried members of minority peoples in the diaspora, who faced a
  9. similar policy of chauvinism and segregation in the 1990s or due to financial difficulties during
  10. the last few decades, left Montenegro for temporary work abroad.
  11. On this occasion, 47 Montenegrin emigrant associations around the world announced that they
  12. would inform all relevant international addresses about the dramatic situation in the country,
  13. caused by the changing of its ethnic and religious structure, and seek their rights in court, primarily
  14. in Montenegrin courts, and if necessary, at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
  • As an example, here is the data obtained by the NGO CEMI (Election Monitoring Center),
    related to the local elections in Herceg Novi. Namely, based on the insight into the voter list of
    Montenegro, Serbia and BiH, they came to the following data: In the voter list in Herceg Novi,
    there are 1,905 persons who, except in Montenegro, vote in Serbia, 727 persons who exercise
    the right to vote in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 82 registered have a triple voting right in
    Serbia, BiH and Montenegro. That is a total of 2,714 so-called “double” voters in this
    municipality. By the way, 24,927 voters have the right to vote in Herceg Novi. SO, 11% OF
    to vote!
    We also informed you about such manipulations on the occasion of the local elections in Niksic,
    the largest Montenegrin municipality, which were held on March 14. We have a well-founded
    suspicion that an identical model was applied, and that this decisively influenced the outcome of
    the elections. We have also filed a large number of criminal charges regarding abuses during the
    election process and submitted them to you in a timely manner. We have also informed you in
    detail about the context in which the elections were held.
  • Prime Minister Krivokapić publicly called on the citizens of Nikšić during the election
    campaign: “if someone offers you money, take it and vote for the best”, and Minister of
    Labor and Social Welfare Milojko Spajić confirmed in a press release that the Government
    distributed aid from budget reserves, some categories of the population in Niksic. Such
    conduct is strictly prohibited by the Law on the Election of Councilors and Deputies, the
    Criminal Code and the Constitution, because it prevents the free expression of the will of
    citizens in elections. Given that the institutions were captured by this same authority, we do
    not expect the Prosecution to act in these cases, although these are criminal offenses that
    are prosecuted ex officio.
    At least eight officials of the ruling parties have dual citizenship, six of which have the right to
    vote in another state (Serbia, Kosovo), which violates the legal order of Montenegro. Five
    officials of the “Democratic Front” and one each from the “Democrats” and the Civic Movement

“URA” have dual citizenship (along with the names, we have irrefutable evidence for these claims,
which we can submit at your eventual request and interest)
It is quite obvious that the Government intends to include persons with dual citizenship in the
voter list, that is, in addition to Montenegrin and Serbian citizenship (either BiH or Kosovo),
which drastically changes the demographic structure of Montenegro. This is another perfidious
attempt to redraw the ethnic, religious, and even political map of Montenegro, which can lead
to unforeseeable consequences for peace, security and the future of our country.
Prime Minister Krivokapić openly declares himself to be a representative of only
one ethnic group; civil protests; the government is using violence against


The announcement of the adoption of the Law on Registers of Residence and Stay provoked a
fierce response from the citizens of Montenegro, so in the past few days people spontaneously
gathered on key roads, appealing to the Government to withdraw the decision. The protests were
peaceful, dignified, without a single incident. However, a worrying and indicative incident was
caused by the driver of the official car, who ran over three demonstrators and inflicted bodily
injuries on them. The whole context of this event is problematic and testifies to the arrogant and
shameless behavior of the very top of the government.
We remind you that Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić came to power on a wave of protest
processions, which were actually pre-election marketing of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and he
was personally elected by the late SOC Metropolitan in Montenegro Amfilohije as the mandator of
the new Montenegrin Government. Until then, he was a completely unknown person to the
Montenegrin public (lay, professional and political), so even today, in the role of prime minister,
during his address to the public, he always addresses “believers and people from protest liturgies”.
Under pressure of relevant international addresses, Prime Minister Krivokapic announced the
recall of Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights Vladimir Leposavic, due to his public
denial of the Srebrenica genocide, thus violating both domestic and international laws. On that
occasion, Krivokapić is trying to justify his decision before the pro-Serbian electorate, forgetting
that by his function, he should be accountable to all citizens of Montenegro, regardless of religion
or political affiliation. He addresses the following words:
” Dear people,
In the previous period, together with all of you, I fought for the sanctuaries of our ancestors, for the
sanctuaries of our souls, for the most sacred and archetypal in us that they tried to steal from us.
I carried, together with all of you, the struggle of my kind, and proudly but not without a gap stood at the
head of what I was defending, and you defended on the streets and at the polls. Together with you, I drew
the last line of defense and allowed your voice of resistance to echo through me.
Dear comrades, brothers and sisters,
Please understand that the fight for a dignified life is not over, but that it has been transferred to the dirty
field of politics, which implies some compromises that do not always have to be clearly visible to the
honorable and honest world, which started this fight with me. … “

In other words, compromises wit the international partners are, according to the Prime
Minister, “dirty field of politics”!
However, the Prime Minister is dealing most rudely with the protests that are not organized by the
Serbian Church, so he calls the citizens of Montenegro extremists and thugs, and threatens by
“introduce law and order”.

“Today, the official vehicle was attacked. My daughter, btw a protected person, was inside. As a
father, I will not forget her tears and fear. As Prime Minister, I will not allow you savagery and
lawlessness! There will be law and order in the country that you are not used to. You'll see that
Here you can see the footage of the “attack” that the Prime Minister is talking about.
All three people who were run over by this official vehicle had to go to the hospital because they
suffered bodily injuries. Also, on the second recording, taken from inside the vehicle, the voice of
the Prime Minister's daughter is heard telling the driver “call Sergej”. By the way, Sergej Sekulović
is the Minister of the Interior, whom the Prime Minister's daughter calls by her first name, acting
as if he is her personal bodyguard. The question asked by the entire public these days is why is the
daughter of the Prime Minister using the official vehicle of the Government of Montenegro and
why does she have the status of a protected person? Who does the minister protect? The family of
the Prime Minister or Montenegrin citizens?
By the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs Sergej Sekulović and the pressure of the Prime
Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, excessive activities of the police, arrest and punishment of citizens
who protested against the mentioned decisions of the Government began. It should be
emphasized that such police actions are completely opposite to the police practice expressed
during political-religious gatherings (so-called Liturgies), which were held in Montenegro for
almost a year, when, despite incidents, calls for armed conflict and expulsion of Bosniaks and
Muslims, there was no police intervention.
Thus, 70 participants in the protest in the town of Bogetići were detained, due to the blocking of
traffic on the main road Nikšić-Podgorica. Police officers also come to the door of the citizens
carrying records for violations, among which, among other things, is “waving the state flag outside
the vehicle.” Having in mind the messages sent to the citizens of Montenegro these days by Prime Minister Krivokapić and Deputy Prime Minister (and coordinator of security services)
Dritan Abazović, it is quite certain that the police are trying to intimidate Montenegrin citizens
with such actions, in order to prevent them from continuing peaceful protests. Arrests are taking
place in several Montenegrin cities, and the total amount of fines is over 5,000 euros. A minor
girl was also brought in for questioning, interrogated without the presence of her parents, which
violated the Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as all domestic regulations on the
treatment of minors.

Security sector in disarray; incidents worthy of the attention of NATO partners
Apart from flirting with clerical radicalism and supporting the SOC (Serbian Orthodox Church),
which has been the main factor of instability in the Balkans for the last 30 years, which is why Mr.
Dritan Abazovic (president of the Civic Movement URA) participated in changing the Law on
Religion, this man who is the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro and coordinator of all security
services has others, very debatable moves.

According to the media, Abazović met for a long time with the man from the attached photo. His
party paid for his stay in Montenegro, a man who was arrested by the Montenegrin police in Niksic
with a fake American passport. It is Stevan Simijanović, about whom the Montenegrin public
knows nothing and the case of his arrest remained hidden from the public.

The story of this man does not end there. He received an ID card for ONE DAY from the Ministry of
the Interior of Montenegro, and the public was informed: Stevan Simijanović, on January 26, 2021,
in the Regional Unit for Civil Status and Personal Documents in Bar, submitted a request to replace
his ID card, ie to declare invalid his ID issued on June 1, 2016, in the Regional Unit for Civil Status
and Personal Documents Bar. The stated request was resolved on January 27, 2021, while the ID
card was handed over to the appointee on January 29, 2021 – the daily Pobjeda from the Ministry
of the Interior was informed.
On Friday, February 12, on the Public Service, the coordinator of all security services, Abazović,
said that Simijanović mediated in contacts with a certain American company that produces
ammunition, “American Ballistic”, whose owners are of LITHUANIAN origin. On the same evening,
Stevan Simijanović, without any problems, left Montenegro through the Dobrakovo border
crossing and crossed into Serbia.
We researched and “American ballistic” can be found by searching at There is no closer information and the only thing that says about
the location of this company is this screen shot:

By searching on, under the name “American Ballistic” we find:

So, it is a company that operates in the USA, and why Abazović claims that it is Lithuania, it
remains to be seen, because neither he, nor the Ministry of the Interior, nor the Government of
Montenegro provide the public with further information about this case.

  1. The next major incident, during which the names of CIA agents were revealed, happened at a
    session of the parliamentary committee, when a man appointed by the government to head the
    ANB (National Security Agency) gave away the names of the agents. Therefore, the head of the
    National Security Agency, Dejan Vukšić, revealed the names, functions and scope of work of
    domestic ANB operatives in the materials submitted to the Security Committee deputies and –
    violating NATO law and protocols – revealed the identity of CIA agents who were in Montenegro.
    The law recognizes three exceptions, that only three persons can dispose of secret data of foreign
    states and international organizations – the President of Montenegro, the Prime Minister and the
    President of the Assembly. Therefore, the members of the Parliamentary Security Committee
    cannot know the secret information of the USA, France, Great Britain or any other NATO member,
    and Montenegro committed itself to that even before joining the Alliance.
    Vukšić has not been sanctioned for this serious offense and is still the head of the Agency (ANB).
    Two days later, Russian newspapers boasted headlines about how this confidential information
    was found in Russian intelligence services. Some Russian news headlines on the subject:
    “Montenegro's main intelligence service reveals NATO secrets in parliament”
    “Montenegrin secret service chief reveals NATO secrets”
  1. Again a scandal, for which the public did not receive an explanation. Transport of cannons on
    trucks with license plates from Serbia. Photos that appeared on social networks testify that a
    column of military trucks loaded with cannons, covered with tarpaulins, with license plates of the
    state of Serbia, was taken through Bijelo Polje – a city in the north of Montenegro.
    We cannot testify with certainty about the credibility of the data but we can say with certainty
    that this deserves research.
    a. a. If the cannons on the trucks were sent to the port of Bar, then the current government
    of Montenegro is involved in arms smuggling.
    b. b. If the cannons are stationed in Montenegro, the question is where and why.

Only silence, again, from Deputy Prime Minister Abazovic and the Government?
However, the security sector, in cooperation with the Minister of Defense, Oliver Injac, is again
derogated, with the dismissal of Mr. Aleksandar Šaranović. It is noted from several sources that
the consent for the delivery of weapons was given – without the knowledge of the Intelligence and
Security Directorate, and with the approval of the Ministry of Economy. Whether this has anything
to do with the transit of weapons is again an unanswered question.
If this information turns out to be correct – and it was obtained from two independent sources – it
could open an international affair, because it is hard to believe that everything would be feasible
without the knowledge of the first man of the Montenegrin Government, Prime Minister Zdravko
Krivokapic. Whether the above-mentioned Stevan Simijanović negotiated with Vice President
Abazović about this, remains a mystery.
Aleksandar Saranovic was promptly removed from the position of Head of the Security Sector
Intelligence as he refused to the sign the transport of heavy weapons through the territory of
Montenegro, whose final destination is suspicious and there are indications that it is intended for
states or organizations with which the arms trade is prohibited.
We remind You that last year, Serbia was in the center of a scandal over arms exports, which led
to the disruption of diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan. Diplomatic relations between Serbia and
Azerbaijan were shaken on July 19th 2020, when the internet portal published claims
that Serbian-made mortars, as well as ammunition for them, were delivered to Armenia via
Georgia, and then used in deadly conflicts on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border on July 12th, 2020.

Fundamental agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church – the seizure of
Montenegrin state property and the inauguration of the Serbian Church as the

dominant religious organization

The signing of the agreement between the Government of Montenegro and the Serbian
Orthodox Church, announced by Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic, and the content of which is

completely unknown to the general public, clearly indicates that this is a secret agreement that
most likely aims to endanger the national interests of Montenegro. The Government was
composed in religious buildings, and the Law on Freedom of Religion, instead of the competent
state bodies, and in accordance with the recognition of Bishop Joanikije (administrator of SOC),
was written by the Serbian Orthodox Church.
It is a law, the constitutionality of which is being reviewed by the Constitutional Court, and which
violates in the most gross way the religious rights of Orthodox Montenegrins and the property
rights of the state of Montenegro.
The final version of the Fundamental Agreement was written in the Patriarchate of Serbia in
Belgrade. Previously, on March 11, Joanikije Mićović, before Porfirije Perić and the Synod of the
Patriarchate, presented the draft of the Fundamental Agreement between the Government of
Montenegro and the Serbian Orthodox Church. The public was not officially informed about
Joanikije's stay in Belgrade on this occasion.
Vladimir Leposavic, the minister whom Prime Minister Krivokapic asked to resign in the meantime,
claims on March 19 that “the Ministry of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, together with legal
experts and representatives of the Church (SOC), successfully conducted the dialogue and agreed
on the text of the future agreement, so now all the conditions have been created for this
agreement to be signed. “
Speaking on Belgrade's Happy TV a few days ago, ideologue and historian of the Serbian world Mr.
Raković said that Belgrade was behind the drafting of the Fundamental Agreement and that they
expected Leposavic to present it to Krivokapic's government.
Minister Leposavic, again incorrectly, stated that the Serbian Orthodox Church is “the only
religious community in Montenegro that does not have a fundamental agreement.” Based on that
untruth, he stated that now, “discrimination is being corrected”. In fact, the Serbian Orthodox
Church did not sign the fundamental agreement offered by the Montenegrin government in the
early 2010s, because it did not want to, like all other churches and religious communities,
register it self under the current legal procedure in Montenegro.
In Belgrade, they believe that the Fundamental Agreement, after the recently “adopted” Law on
Amendments to the Law on Freedom of Religion, will be the last stage for their biggest robbery of
Montenegro – the abduction of Montenegrin Orthodox churches. The Montenegrin government is
ready to sign an agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church, said Prime Minister Zdravko
Krivokapic. “I spoke with Serbian Patriarch Porfirio and we will soon agree on the date of signing
the Agreement. It is important that the Serbian Orthodox Church is satisfied.”
Montenegro International informed you about this issue in detail in a previous address, with a
document entitled “Legal violence against Montenegro – the inauguration of the Serbian Church
as the supreme political authority in Montenegro.”

Open propaganda of “Serbian world” – Serbia implements assimilation and

annexation policy in Montenegro

In addition to the fact that all Serbian media cover Montenegro, on a daily basis, on almost all
channels with a national frequency, including regime tabloids, the situation in Montenegro is
commented in the highest political circles, shows, round tables, polemics, with the topic – how
Serbia will realize its historical right to Montenegro, as part of the Serbian world.
Here, for the sake of illustration, we will point to the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs
of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin. This statement is just one in a series of examples that point to an open
and undisguised plan for the assimilation and annexation of Montenegro and its drowning in the
Serbian world.
ALEKSANDAR VULIN ON THE “SERBIAN WORLD”: “All Serbs will live in the same state, if the
Germans who started the two world wars can do that, why can't we ?!”
Aleksandar Vulin said that the current geopolitical and international circumstances do not go hand
in hand with uniting all areas where Serbs live into a single state union, but he also expressed
confidence that “it will happen in ten, twenty or fifty years”.
Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, who never did anything serious or said
anything without the consent of President Aleksandar Vučić, answered on “Happy TV” when asked
how he reacts to criticism of the term “Serbian world” which Vulin most often uses of all Serbian
politicians, which is just another name for the “Greater Serbia” project.
“Those criticisms that come from Serbia, neighboring countries and international factors will not
shake me at all to continue talking about the unity of our, Serbian people everywhere they live, in
Serbia, Montenegro, Serbian Republic, we need that the entire Serbian people are guided from
one center which is Belgrade, and I don't see what is disputable in that. Well, does anyone think
that Croats from Herzegovina are bothered by the fact that their politics are conducted in Zagreb
?!”, said Vulin.
The Serbian Minister of Police said that 800,000 refugees from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Kosovo arrived in Serbia in the 1990s, and that they were all taken care of and accommodated.
Then he asked: “Well, does anyone think that we should take care of the members of our people
only when they are expelled from their homes and come to Serbia, and not to their communities
where they live now ?!”
In the end, Vulin drew a parallel between Germany and Serbia: “You have Germany, which
started two world wars, was defeated in both, and in the end, all Germans could reunite in the
same country. On the other hand, Serbs are from both the war came out victorious and they are
not allowed as much as the Germans, to live in the same state! “
Let us remind you, at the time when he was the Minister of Defense of Serbia, due to similar
statements and comments, Croatia banned Aleksandar Vulin from entering its territory.


We welcome the fact that international addresses put pressure on Prime Minister Krivokapić to
call for the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Human and Minority Rights, Vladimir Leposavić,
on the occasion of his public denial of the genocide in Srebrenica. However, the dismissal of
Leposavic (if voted in Parliament) solves absolutely nothing. The entire government, including
Prime Minister Krivokapic, has the same view on crimes committed in the name of Greater Serbia
ideology, tacitly or publicly justifying such crimes. Consequently, the Government is
unscrupulously settling accounts with political dissidents, with media that are not under its
control, with civil society organizations that dare to criticize it (we informed you in a timely
manner about the attacks on journalists from the Aktuelno portal and members of our
organization). That is why we have every reason to be concerned about peace and stability in
Montenegro and to place our hopes only in international institutions that protect peace, equality,
democracy and other values on which the civilized world is based.
Below we present documentation that testifies to the character of the current government and
its most prominent representatives.

The Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapić, in the house of Mileta “Čiče” Pavićević in Drač in
Podgorica, attending solemn welcome of the international terrorist and serbian nationalist Nikola
Kavaja. This geathering was attended by members of Seselj's Serbian Radical Party and Chetnik
The footage was created in 1999 and was published on youtube channel. On the wall behind,
there are Chetnik’s imagery as well as a large picture of Radovan Karadzic, convicted war criminal
right above Krivokapic's head.
Nikola Kavaja, a terrorist known for his 1979 bombing of a Yugoslav consul’s home and the
hijacking of American Airlines Flight 293. Mr Kavaja escaped to Yugoslavia in 1999 while being on
parole. He never returned to the US.

“Attitudes do not recommend him, it promises the same rights for everyone.”
Jovan Vučurović has been elected for President of the Human Rights Committee. Some NGOs,
being aware of Vučurović’s attitude and worldview (akin to fascist one), sharply criticized the
decision of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Facebook post by Jovan Vučurović:
And today – Not in NATO!
Let us remember, with sadness and pride, all those who died in the criminal NATO aggression, our
children who were not allowed to grow up, our army and police who bravely stood in front of the
greatest military force in history and their servants from the terrorist OVK. Let us remember our
pilots who remained forever tied with heaven, all carved into the foundations of Serbian freedom.
I am proud that in 1999, I was with thousands of those from Montenegro who chose the invitation
of the homeland.
But also, we must remember well those from Montenegro who, in the middle of the bombing of
the FRY, went on their feet in Brussels to NATO criminals. No such betrayal was recorded. And on
August 30, the “logic” of betrayal, sale and surrender was defeated, and any attempt to return to a

policy that spat on our ancestors and, after all, recognized the false state of Kosovo must be
The truth is the following – the people NEVER voted for the acceptance of Montenegro in NATO.
We are forcibly drawn in there. And indeed – force, blood, crimes, these are the symbols of the
NATO alliance.
And therefore, once and for all- Not in NATO! Kosovo is Serbia! Next year in Prizren!
Eternal glory to our martyrs who died that bloody spring of 1999.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić, attended several funerals during global
pandemic of coronavirus.
The first one was the funeral of the church's most senior cleric in Montenegro, 82-year-old
Amfilohije Radovic. Mourners gathered at the event without mask and the most prominent
amnog them was The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapić, who even kissed the
bishop's body as it lay in an open coffin, though Metropolitan Amfilohije Radovic has died from a
COVID-19 infection.
Days after attending this large public funeral, Serbia's leading religious figure, Patriarch Irinej, has
contracted coronavirus. His condition quickly deteriorated due to advancing age and chronic heart
issues and he dies on 20th of November 2020. And once again, there is Montenegro’s Prime
Minister kissing body in a coffin.
In March this year, even though they haven’t announced it officially, the delegation of the
Government of Montenegro, headed by the Prime Minister, Zdravko Krivokapić, was attending the
funeral of Bishop of Herzegovina in the town of Trebinje.
Images show PM Krivokapić wearing a face mask in Trebinje, which he didn’t wear during funerals
in Montenegro. However, members of the delegation still took off their face coverings in order to
kiss coffin of the late bishop.
Atanasije Jevtić was known for his fascist views on members of the Islamic religion, the same one
who threatened to take away and transfer the most holy Montenegrin relics of St. Vasilije to

The Prime Minister of Montenegro has a strange fetish, such as kissing Serbian tricolor flag as well
as kissing hands of Orthodox priests. He even stated that Montenegro wouldn’t even exist if it
had been up to him.
In several occasions, he called citizens to responsibility regarding epidemic issue and as fas as we
can see he is the most irresponsible citizen of Montenegro. The most recent scandal of his
government was made by Minister of Justice and Human and Minority Rights, Vladimir Leposavić.
Leposavić questioned the legitimacy of the international courts that ruled the crimes in Srebrenica
of 1995 was an act of genocide. He said that he’d be ready to acknowledge the crime of genocide
in Srebrenica once it is unequivocally established. After this scandal, The Government of
Montenegro led by Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić takes stance on Srebrenica genocide saying,
inter alia: “The Montenegrin government neither wants nor can change the decisions of
international courts, nor can it declare some nations genocidal and others holy.”

Minister Leposavić, one of the many ministers installed by Serbian Orthodox Church. On the left
– posing with symbols of Serbian extremism; On the right – with late Metropolitan of Serbian
Church who actually had a main word in forming of the current Montenegrin Government.

Prime Minister’s Twitter post: Today we remember our victims and most sincerely share the pain
with families that lost their loved ones in NATO bombing of the Republic of Yugoslavia that took
a place 22 years ago. As a parent, as a human, as a Prime minister as well as a citizen “who
suffers all the pain of my kindred” I bow down before their innocent sacrifice.
Milan Knežević, President of the Security Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro
(responsible for NATO confidential information)
Milan Knežević is well known for his militant and aggressive rhetoric and behavior. Self-described
Russophile and supporter of Pan-Slavic Union instead of the EU. Also, he is well known for his
anti-NATO propaganda and his Serbian nationalism. He was convicted and got 5 years of prison for
attempted terrorism in collaboration with Russian security service FSB and some Serbian
nationalists. This sentence was changed and Knežević was found not guilty when his coalition won
the elections in 2020.

Milan Knežević and his Montenegrin associates with Putin, 17.01.2109., Belgrade

Knežević is constantly campaigning for the change of Montenegrin hymn, flag and other symbols
of the State in order to falsify Montenegrin identity and turn it into Serbian.
Knežević’s Anti-NATO ranting in Parliament:

“Thanks to you, supporters of NATO integration, we are in a historic climax today. And your slogan
and motto that we will be equal at the NATO table, is pure nonsense! We won't even be at that
table! We will be under the table and the ministers of America, England, France will be chatting
with us, as with some poodles or cats, and the whole of Montenegro needs to know that. the
case of Montenegro's membership in NATO, these NATO locators, who submit this resolution, have
undertaken the obligation to send our soldiers to both Moscow and Russia in the event of a
geopolitical war. And now I want to tell you, if you decide to bring Montenegro into NATO
without a referendum, and God forbid, in the event of a geopolitical war between NATO and
Russia, do not have any dilemma where the majority of Montenegrin citizens will be. We will be
on the side of our traditional, historical friends and allies. And this is no threat, this is a promise
to you and pass it on to Ambassador Margaret O’Hara! Every NATO soldier who steps on the
territory of Montenegro will be a legitimate target of a free people! That's a promise to you.”
“… And then, as in 1999, and today NATO with the satellites of the Montenegrin regime, marks our
people, our bridges, houses, schools, hospitals, our country and asks us to thank them and
apologize for making your 50th birthday full 78 days, robbing us of our eyesight, robbing us of
Kosovo, robbing us of state territory. Djukanovic imposed invisible sanctions on Russia! TO OUR
MOTHER! Protectors and historical ally! Djukanovic undertook the obligation to send
Montenegrins and Serbs to our mother Russia in case of war. …And someday, someday,
Djukanovic, we will withdraw the shameful decision to recognize the so-called The state of Kosovo,
because Metohija is the heart of Montenegro, and as long as the bells ring in high Decani and the
Patriarchate of Peja, Kosovo will be Montenegrin and Serbian. Dear brothers, dear friends and
comrades-in-arms, from all battles and battles, if ours, on July 13, 1941, with pitchforks, hoes and
axes, raised the largest popular uprising in occupied Europe, we can also bravely, democratically,
make a broad anti -NATO coalition, in response to attempts to erase Montenegrin history,
spirituality and everything we were raised to and on which we were brought up. There is no
membership in NATO without a referendum, which will be guaranteed by Russia and which will
be guaranteed by their NATO. Only one way or no other, Djukanovic! You risk civil conflicts in
Montenegro, if you decide for unilateral decisions. In that name, in the name of God's faith and
hope, in the name of our strength, our immortal Montenegrin people, I greet you and invite you
to a new gathering in about 10 days, when we will continue with what we started on the Day of
the Cross! Long live free Europe! Long live Russia! Long live Serbia! May our Montenegro be
eternal! To victory! No retreat!”



Mosque in Nikšić vandalized by Serbian nationalists

Serbian nationalist graffiti in Pljevlja which is city mainly populated by Muslims

Message for Muslim population to move out , reminding them of Srebrenica (the most horrible
crime against Muslim people, the worst after WWII as described by some)
Office of Islam Community vandalized by Serbs with following verses attached on its door: “The
black bird is taking flight – Pljevlja will be Srebrenica”

“let the sea waves swallow you; let mountain winds blow you; let your wheat whiter; and your
children die untimely.” – Anti-NATO “performance” by the supporters of the current ruling
majority in Montenegro.

Marko Milačić, part of the ruling majority in Montenegro burning a NATO flag at Capitol’s main


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