Huter: We expect the Ministry of Defense to protect the Army from Knežević's insults, unfortunately there is no escape from his wit

Milan Knežević's statement, in which he makes a series of heinous accusations against the Montenegrin army, is an indicator of his attitude towards Montenegro, its institutions and symbols – said Oskar Huter, deputy of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).
As Hutter pointed out, the Army of Montenegro is part of the largest collective security system and for our country it represents a guarantee of national security, preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity – categories that Knežević obviously hates.
We understand that Milan Knežević would like the Army to not exist or at least to be the way he presents it, that is a measure of his patriotism and goodwill towards Montenegro. The Army of Montenegro is an institution that has a very high level of trust from citizens, which could not be said for Knežević. On this occasion, we expect the Ministry of Defense to react and protect the Army of Montenegro from the insults of Milan Knežević, and unfortunately there is no escape from his wit – concluded Huter


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