Spajic's government sends police to violate the religious rights of Orthodox Montenegrins

By: V.J.
“This temple of Saint Basil of Ostrog, the Wonderworker, was built through voluntary contributions in 1906.”
We have quoted the authentic inscription above the door of the temple in Ljubotinje (Obzovici), which speaks volumes about its history.
Yesterday, in front of this temple, members of the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under Minister Danilo Šaranović, a member of the Democratic Montenegro – Aleksa Bečić — i.e. the Government of Milojko Spajić — were deployed to PROHIBIT the local residents and the head of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church with the clergy from exercising their constitutional and legally established right to freedom of religion in that temple.

“The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), whose declared followers include Spajić and Šaranović, and which in recent years has received literally millions of euros from government and municipal budgets and state-owned enterprises, has not yet cadastrally plundered this temple in Ljubotinje, which, verifiably, is REGISTERED AS THE PROPERTY OF THE VILLAGE.”

“The Montenegrin Orthodox Church, the second-largest religious community in the country in terms of followers, unlike other religious communities, has not signed a fundamental agreement with the Government — reflecting a continuity of discrimination.”

“Yesterday's event is one example of such discrimination: Spajić's government, by deploying a police cordon, essentially threatens with force and repression, FORBIDDING the freedom of religion for the faithful of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.”

“This is contrary to the Constitution of Montenegro:

  • Any direct or indirect discrimination is prohibited, on any grounds (Art. 8)
  • Religious communities are separated from the state. Religious communities are equal and free in performing religious rites and religious affairs (Art. 14)
  • Everyone is guaranteed the RIGHT TO FREEDOM of thought, conscience, and RELIGION… (Art. 46).”

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